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james hurd smiling 2006James Hurd grew up in California, flew nine years in Latin America with Mission Aviation Fellowship, and later taught anthropology at Bethel University. His new book, Blessed Unbeliever, follows Sean McIntosh, a disappointed young man who drifts into atheism—then encounters grace (Wipf and Stock, January 2023). James and Barbara live in Minneapolis and have three adopted children.

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3 thoughts on “About James Hurd

  1. Most interesting Cliff – reading your comments, I recalled you sharing that experience when we lived in Costa Rica; 1978-80, and I actually had MAF C206 based for a time at El Coco.

    During my high school senior year, 1957, my application didn’t make the cut of 24; rather was first alternate. On Thursday before Tech Camp began on Sunday at Moody Chicago, I get a call from Paul Robinson, asking if I could be there. When Friday’s posting went-up, I was pleasantly surprised to be in the 12; four of us graduated 4 years later, of whom 3 spent more than combined 120 years with MAF in Africa, Asia, Latin America.


  2. Hello, Jim. This is Cliff Holland in Costa Rica, still! I just discovered your website and read one of your articles about attending Moody Aviation flight camp and not making the cut. You may recall that I had the same experience in 1963 after completing the two-year pre-aviation program in downtown Chicago. And, yes, I asked God the same questions that you penned: what now? Well, 54 years later, I know very well what the Lord had for me to do as a missionary in Latin America, now retired with my wife Linda on my son Rick’s horse ranch in Guanacaste province, Costa Rica. My time is now spent doing research, writing and editing, as well as some consulting in the area of missiological research and information management, which has been my speciality since about 1970 when I completed the M.A. program in Missiology at FTS in Pasadena, CA. I have been consulting with AETH (Association for Hispanic Theological Education), located in Orlando, FL; One Hope in Ft. Lauderdale, FL; Hispanic Studies Program at FTS in Pasadena; Center for Religion and Civic Culture at USC in Los Angeles, CA; as well as many others, See my webpages at: http://www.prolades.com and my Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/clifton.holland.90

    Are you still teaching at Bethel University? How is Barbara and family? It will be very nice if we could Skype some time: clifton.l.holland

    Blessings, Cliff


    1. Cliff, I’m retired from Bethel, but have done a bit of pinch-hitting there. Writing a novel and chasing grandkids take up some time. Thanks for the comment!


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