Wingspread—Ezine for December 15, 2014

A new Ezine dedicated to faith, flying, and your writing in a complex world.
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Wingspread: Of Faith and Flying.   A book about spreading wings on flights of the Spirit. Check it out, or buy it at: (or Barnes and Noble, or

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Favorite quotes:

Busyness is the earwax against the voice of God.

Bitterness is a poison that you take, hoping that the other person will die.

Pride has two evil stepsisters— low self-esteem and jealousy—and two cousins, anger and bitterness.

In theory, there’s no difference between theory and practice, but in practice, there is.

I’m a Christ-follower, but I suck at it. (Fuller Seminary student)

Wondering how to clean up your writing? Read my “How to revise an article” at:  It contains gleanings from the experts.

 “The Middle Passage” A story about middle school and coming of age—read it at:

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