Wingspread Ezine for Feb. 1, 2015

WINGSPREAD, February 1, 2015

AN E-zine dedicated to faith and writing in a complex world

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New Book: Wingspread: Of Faith and Flying.  A memoir about childhood faith and mission bush-piloting in South America. Buy it at: (or Barnes and Noble, or See pics related to Wingspread:

New posting: Here’s an article about our 100-year-old first family house, and adventures therein:

We didn’t find Bellefonte house. Our friend Ed called us up from Pennsylvania and announced, “I bought a house for you.”
“You what?”
“Well, you said you wanted us to look for one for when you came back from Colombia, so we bought one. We’ll send pictures. It’s a two-story in Bellefonte, over a hundred years old.” As he described the house, the part that stuck with me was, “Needs some work.” . . . .  Read more here:


Writer’s Corner: Wondering how to clean up your writing? Read my “How to revise an article” at:

Some prompts to help you begin your own stories:

My most embarrassing moment

Greatest joy

Greatest achievement

Greatest spiritual experience

Most interesting person I ever met

Strangest experience I’ve ever had

Most interesting place I’ve visited

Greatest challenge of my life

Greatest disappointment

The event that changed my life

The greatest lesson I ever learned

Strangest person I ever met

First day of school/work/new house/etc.

Arrival in ****, alone

Best vacation ever

Most remote place I’ve visited

Lost in the big city, overwhelmed

Person who influenced my life the most

My worst enemy

Writer’s Word of the week:

Synecdoche (from Greek synekdoche, meaning “simultaneous understanding”) is a figure of speech in which a term is used in one of the following ways:

  • Part of something is used to refer to the whole thing (pars pro toto), as in, “The suits were all seated around the boardroom table.”
  • A thing (a “whole”) is used to refer to part of it (totum pro parte) (“He drinks too much.”)
  • A material is used to refer to an object composed of that material (“They wore the silks and satins of royalty.”)
  • A container is used to refer to its contents, as in, “The White House was well represented.”

Some Favorite quotes:

♠   Find all the parts your readers will tend to skim over, and cut them. Elmore Leonard

♠   A writer must invent the truth. William Zinsser

♠   If you want to become a better writer, become a better person. Brenda Ueland  [Who knew?]

♠   The person who does not read good books has no advantage over the person who cannot read them. Mark Twain (1835-1910)

♠   Fundamentalist: an Evangelical with an attitude.

♠   Evangelical: a Fundamentalist on Prozac.
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