Longing for Life

Daily joys make life complete
But unlived joys oft’ seem more sweet.

‘Tis not the pilots lust the sky
But groundlings who may never fly.

The healthy take each day for granted;
The dying count each day as blessèd.

Gluttons scorn their daily bread;
The starving judge one dry crust good.

Wives live bored in nuptial bliss,
Single souls seek just one kiss.

The wealthy may ignore their gold;
The poor give thanks one coin to hold.

‘Tis not the young long for the dawn,
But crones whose lives are almost gone.

Our fulfilled dreams we soon ignore,
But unfulfilled, we quest them more.

God—help us seize each passing hour
And worship Thee with all our power.

Teach us to treasure all our days,
And fill our hearts with constant praise.

James Hurd

3 thoughts on “Longing for Life

  1. I enjoyed your poem, Jim.
    Keeping death before one’s eyes (as Benedict recommends) brings brighter color in our perception of life… Being poor in spirit helps us recognize the specialness of a gift. It’s important to keep the fresh perception of a beginner’s mind.


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